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Corned Beef Sandwiches

For about 7 years, I worked in a local Drive In cooking burgers on a grill, among many other items.  This place will forever hold a place in my heart, serving me many good memories.  I loved the regulars, it was a popular restaurant in our small town and I have seen some busy times.

It was owned by a women with Irish roots, her father owned it before her and there was a special tradition on St. Patrick’s Day!  Every year they would make a special green mint soft serve and hand out cones for free from the minute we opened to passed closing time.  More than a thousand cones in one day, and that was a lot given this Drive In only had about 10 tables.  Other than free ice cream they would serve hot corned beef sandwiches, and potato soup on St.Paddy’s.  I carried on the tradition by taking my kids there for this festive event.  But last fall, the 70-year-old restaurant was shut down due to the road widening in front of it.  So we were out of luck for St.Paddy’s this year, but I wasn’t about to let that stop us from eating our corned beef sandwich.   My husband was out-of-town so I waited until he was home to celebrate a few days later, and made our sandwiches.

Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned Beef Sandwich

  • I boiled my 3 lb. corned beef tip in enough water to cover it, with the juices and seasoning packet it came with.  Letting it simmer, covered for about 50 min. per pound.  Once it was done, I allowed it to rest on the cutting board for about 20 min. before I sliced it super thin.
  • I grilled my dill rye bread on one side, removed and assembled my sandwiches.
  • Mayo, Lettuce, Thinly sliced Tomato, Salt, Pepper, Corned Beef (thinly sliced), Horseradish Cheddar Cheese

We eat these sandwiches warm, and usually with swiss cheese and horseradish sauce.  But this is what I had so we made do.  I served alongside some homemade jo-jos, which the kids gobble down.  Hope your family can find a good corned beef tradition to follow.


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