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Best Coffee Creamer

I drink my coffee everyday with some vanilla cream, just a bit.  Enough to take the edge off my extra strong coffee I like.  But after reading all the ingredients on my creamer bottle, I couldn’t pronounce all my ingredients.  Not to mention, I think I was needing to cut out some dairy and to try to find a healthier substitute.  I enjoy a vanilla creamer, but you could play with seasonings or make plain if you would like.  People who have tried my creamer have described it as “the flavor of homemade vanilla bean ice cream” or “real whipped cream”.   I think it is just an amazing creamer which is cost-effective and a lot better for you.  I have played with the recipe so much but this is my favorite.  Feel free to experiment with sweetness or flavor.

Now if you read this and say I hate coconut and won’t it taste like coconut try this and tell me it isn’t good.  It really does not have a coconut flavor.  In fact my sister despises coconut and anything with coconut in it, and she thinks it’s great.

We use coconut milk for a variety of things in our house, and this is how I realized that is makes great creamer.  I then bought vanilla coconut milk to try.  It changed my plain creamer, to this rich and velvety vanilla bean creamer.  I also tried making my own sweet and condensed milk, and it worked but only if you have a few extra hours to kill a few times a month.  Sweet and condensed milk, is just sugar and milk reduced down.  I save my time for other creations and buy mine.

Best Coffee Creamer:

Best Coffee CreamerThis will make a quart jar.  I was using a quart jar for a long time, until my wonderful sister found a lovely pink glass bottle that fits perfect in the door of my fridge and pours a lot better (Thank you sister of mine).

  • 14 oz. can of fat-free or regular sweet and condensed milk ( use only half a can and save half in fridge)
  • 1 cup of fat-free half and half (more of less depending on taste)
  • refrigerated coconut milk ( I prefer SO Delicious brand, I tried many)  Plain or Vanilla Flavored

In a quart jar pour in  half a can of sweet and condensed milk and half and half. If you like your coffee really sweet add the whole can.  I was for a while and realized I was drinking so much coffee because it was so good.  I now just use half  a can and save half in the fridge or make a double batch.  I shake this up a bit while the jar is not so full.

Then fill your jar with coconut milk, sorry I don’t measure.  If you prefer a plain creamer flavor then use plain coconut milk, if you love vanilla (a real vanilla bean flavor) use the vanilla flavored coconut milk.  Now shake until mixed.

Just be aware this will kind of separate and look curdled almost, the next time you go to use it just give it a good shake it won’t separate as much after that.  I do shake it every time I use it so the flavor is even throughout.  I store this in my fridge until the sell by on the half and half, although it doesn’t usually last that long.  You could make this with milk instead of half and half or all coconut milk, or even almond milk might be good.


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