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Lid Tossing

This just might sound silly to post but we had a lot of fun, and it entertained my children for a while.  I am sure just about everyone can find these things in their homes, so why not have some fun?

Lid Tossing

  • Lids to plastic containers or cups (such as yogurt and sour cream lids)
  • Anything you can make a circle or target with (we used my exercise band and a hula hoop, but rope or tape would work as well)

I laid the targets out and we stood back at a distance and tried to throw our lids into the targets.  I know simple common sense, but I had never done this before with the kids.  Cleaning out my cupboards I told the kids they could play with the extra lids.  They started throwing them like frisbees, and I thought why not make a target.

My 18 month old liked the idea that you can put the lids in or out of the circle.   My 4-year-old was trying so hard to fine tune her aim.  They are learning all the time, even when they think they are playing.  Teaching them inside, outside, close and far is now a concept that can be fun.


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