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Octodogs (octopus hotdogs)

We had gone out to eat at a new restaurant and the table next to us had seven young children.  This was interesting and a whole nother story.  I try to have our kids order things off the menu things they can not get at home or don’t eat that often.  Soon the table next to us got their orders.  Some of them had got these “Octodogs”, my kids were jealous.  I told them don’t worry I can make those at home next time we have hot dogs.

Mr.Picky stopped at the store for hot dogs on the way home, and the next night I created these.  It would work better with the thicker hot dog but I wasn’t going to a special store.  These are made with regular hot dogs.

I simmered the hot dogs in a little water until hot.  Then I pulled the hot dogs out of the water and used a sharp knife to make some cuts.  I sliced lengthwise about half way up the body to make legs, then slits for the eyes and a circle for the mouth.  Place the hot dog back in the hot water and allow to cook a minute more.  The legs will start to curl out on their own.

Serve standing up on a bun or by itself, man did the kids get a kick out of these.  I think they would be great for a sea themed birthday party.


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  1. Slightly terrifying to have looking up at you, but very cute!

  2. I think kids everywhere will love these!


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