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My Favorite Trail Mix

As a young girl I can remember eating a similar trail mix as my grandma’s house.  Early in the morning when my sister and I would wake up, grandma would bring us these cups of trail mix to tide us over until breakfast was ready.  Grandma had this old metal measuring cups or sometimes these  Tupperware measuring cups to serve us.  We would sit and watch saturday morning cartoons and eat our trail mix.

Over the last 20 months I have lost about 50 pounds and continue to work towards a better body.  I didn’t do some crazy diet.  I just made a lifestyle change of exercising for 30 minutes everyday.  I knew I ate pretty healthy food, with only a few splurges every now and then.  My take on food is everything in moderation.  Dessert doesn’t need to be a huge piece but a taste or two will do.

Trail mix is another key factor to me.  If I am craving something sweet or some chips and am headed for the cupboard, I grab a handful of trail mix.  If I still feel hungry after my handful I go and find another snack.  But usually the mix is enough for me.  I also keep a container in the car and will eat a bit whenever I am hungry.  I pack the kids snacks so we don’t eat food out, why not do this for myself.

My Favorite Trail Mix

I keep my trail mix in a glass jar on the counter so whenever the mood strikes me it is the first thing I see.  I buy this stuff at a store in bulk or in large quantities to help reduce my cost.  I don’t measure just toss in what I like, this is what I generally put in my mix every time.

My favorite Trail MixMy Favorite Trail Mix:

  • raw cashew pieces
  • pumpkin seeds
  • raw sunflower seeds
  • raisins or a mixed raisin melody if great
  • just a handful of chocolate chips to the whole jar
  • dried date pieces
  • raw almonds
  • dried cranberries
  • sometimes dried coconut flakes

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