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Puppy Party

Now that birthday season for my family is rolling around, I thought I would share photos from last year.  For my son’s first birthday we picked a dog theme because it was one of him first words and he was obsessed with animals.  I came across an idea for these puppy cupcakes and went from there.  I had to guess what they use but I am happy to share what I used, maybe it will inspire someone else.

Puppy Cupcakes and mini cake

Puppy CupcakesI made a basic cupcake and frosted it with chocolate frosting reserving some frosting in a fine tipped piping bag.

The ears: Nutter butter cookies split and laid frosting side down

Eyes: mini marshmallows cut in half, with a dot of chocolate frosting on them

Mussel: mini vanilla wafer, with chocolate frosting mouth and a dot to hold an m&m on


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  1. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing! I may have to give these a whirl!


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