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Planning,Hosting, life goes on!

I think 90% of my life is planning what is going to happen next.  Feeling lucky to relax for the other 10%.  Whether it is planning my next meal, what we are going to do today, or the next event life is always busy.  Sometimes I have to learn to breath and let things happen.  Mr.Picky and I always talk about how whatever happens will, I guess sometimes I need to follow my advice.

We both come from fairly large families with multiple generations.  Add in our nieces and nephews who have just started to graduate and before we know it will have children of their own.  Hosting events for family is somewhat of a balancing act.  This weekend we will host our family for dinner and cake for the kid’s birthday parties.  We are kind of cheating by making it one grand event, but this is due to Mr.Picky’s work schedule.

With just immediate family and only two family friends the list of attending guest quickly grew to 40.  Let me remind you all our home is tiny but we are happy to have a yard and summer birthdays.  My advice to anyone who hosts an event whether it is 6 or 106 guests, plan your heart out.  Then wake yourself up and make sure you have a real idea about what you can get done.  When I say get it done, I mean before the party starts and without stretching yourself too thin.  For those who know me, I know you are laughing now.  My intentions are not to stretch myself although I have become quite flexible.  My personal goal is to have more fun and not take my hosting so seriously.

My first step to planning is to figure out what I can do ahead, down to the tiniest detail.  If it is a party I want to enjoy my guests and have fun, not be running around.  A great example was at our wedding which I planned, and prepared the most of the food for.  It was time to eat and I was starving after a day of running around.  Next thing I know my mother’s cousin who is a baker and whom we ordered our cake from, was taking photos of us eating.  She explained that out of all the weddings she had been too she had never seen the bride and groom sit down and eat.  What can I say good planning, letting go of what could go wrong, and starving allowed us to have the wedding we could wish for.

For this party tomorrow I hammer out the details and prep as far ahead as the task allows.  You might laugh but I plan what bowl each dish will go into, to having a spiral notebook with a bunch of notes and steps to prep.  Here is to a smooth party this weekend and whatever comes my way.

Now for a day in the kitchen of preparing what I can.  Have a wonderful weekend and get out there and host something!


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Nothing to do but take care of my family and cook.

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