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Construction and Truck Party


 Construction Party 

My big boy is almost 2-years-old, the party was held before his birthday.  I wanted to pick a theme he would actually care about.  Who would have guessed this rough and tough boy loves anything tractor or truck related.  So I combined the two and came up with a construction party.

Orange and yellow were great colors to pick out, and not hard to find.  The kids parties were held on the same day.  I decorated a table with their theme.  The banner was super easy, and added a nice touch so they had a personalized table.

Bulldozer Cake

My little man’s table held the snacks and his special cake.  The cake was the focal point of his table.  I will post later instructions for this cake.   I winged it but took lots of photos on how I cut and stacked this cake.  I think it went pretty well, and he loved it.

We didn’t lack any trucks in our house, but it was easy to find some at second hand stores and wash them good.  Use the trucks to hold your treats, snacks, or dips.  If they are not large enough have them dumping their load into a bowl.  I completely forgot to add the road cones and hard hat to the table, but I don’t think it stopped the party.  Just some ideas for anyone throwing construction party.  All and all, we had a blast with lots of fun and treats.

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