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Owl Cake

A week before planning the kid’s birthday party, I got a call to make a cake for a non-profit organization I volunteer for.  Owls, pink, and green was the theme of the baby shower.  I looked around for some ideas and got enough inspiration for this cake.  I thought it turned out cute and was fun because I love owls.

Please don’t mind the plastic around the cake.  I transported the cake and finished it up on site.  I then left the camera at home, so this picture is all you get.

Owl Cake

Owl Cake Steps:

I made yellow box cake, baking it in two 9″ pans.  I slice and filled the cake with a vanilla pastry cream, but this step could be skipped.Owl Cake


I always freeze my cake after baking, and if I have to cut and stack I do so while frozen.  I cut an arch to fit the bottom round, and with the piece cut off cut out some triangle owl ears.

Using special buttercream frosting, I dirty iced the cake to glue it all together and placed it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to set the frosting.Dirty Iced Owl Cake

I then frosted the cake with creamy chocolate frosting and used some colored cloud frosting to add the belly, bow, and eyes.  Buttercream could easily be used so you don’t have to make three frosting flavors.  I just happened to have some made from the cakes earlier in the weekOwl Cake


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