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Bulldozer Cake

Bulldozer Cake

It was so much fun to create this bulldozer cake.  I found a picture on pinterest with a link that didn’t work, or maybe it was just a picture.  So my creativity kicked in and had to create this cake.  I am now here to share how it came along so no one has to struggle.  Have fun and life is not perfect!  My two-year-old boy loved his cake.

Bulldozer Cake:

  • 1 box any flavor cake
  • 2 mini loaf pans
  • 2 8 inch square cake pan
  • 1/2 recipe special buttercream frosting
  • 1 recipe of creamy chocolate frosting
  • 2 long Tootsie rolls
  • 4 regular size kit-kat bars or 1 king size kit-kat bar
  • 1 regular size Hershey bar
  • A sheet of cardboard or flat plate large enough to fit cake
  • Knife or spatula to spread frosting
  • Piping bag, zip-lock bag, or piping method of your choice for details


Bake cakes according to instructions placing about an inch worth of batter in each mini loaf pan and the rest divided between the square pans.  Once the cake has cooled, tightly wrap and freeze.  This can be done a few days before hand.

Bulldozer Cake


Have your frosting made and ready.  You will be working with frozen cake in order to make your life easier.  Having everything ready make a world of difference.Bulldozer cake

Start by filling the two squares with a bit of creamy chocolate frosting and then cutting in half.  One half will be the bottom of the bulldozer and the other piece cut into thirds.  Stack according to picture, separating layers where needed.

Bulldozer cake

Using the two mini loaves cut an angle on the top side as shown to form the wheel tracks.  Then frost with the creamy chocolate and set aside.

bulldozer wheel tracks

Wheel tracks for cake

bulldozer wheel tracks

With part of the buttercream you are going to dirty ice the outside of the cake.  All this means is don’t make it perfect and it is dirty because you are not worrying about the crumbs in the frosting.  Just thinly cover the outside of the cake, then place it in the fridge or freezer for about 15 minutes to set the frosting.  This will make decorating a lot easier.

Dirty Iced Bulldozer Cake

Dirty Iced Bulldozer Cake

Next step will be to color part of your buttercream frosting to desired color.  We chose yellow but any color would work.  After the dirty icing has set, frost the cake with the yellow buttercream.  Don’t try to make it perfect or leave it off the areas where the chocolate frosting is going to go.

Now on to the details

Now on to the details

I found that breaking up each kit-kat stick in thirds worked the best for the size track I needed.  You could possible break them in half but be sure to press them into the cake or else they will be too long.  Attach the tracks with a bit of icing on the bottom first.  Then attach the wheel tracks to the cake with more chocolate or buttercream icing.

Now it is time to pipe whatever way works best for you the details.  This is how I did mine but you can surely add the windows and lines anyway you wish.

Bulldozer Cake

Last but not least attach the chocolate bar blade and Tootsie rolls, but I would hold off until close to displaying.  My Tootsie rolls slowly were softening and tipping over.

Bulldozer Cake


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  1. How very cute…any little boy would love this.


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