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Terrible Twos are now called Testing Twos!

What happens when one of those days is everyday?  We are counting down to less than a week away from my son turning two.  About a three weeks ago his attitude and stubbornness has really changed.  I know it is a phase but this is one heck of a stage.  The crying and whining is enough to put any parent into a crying sobbing mess of their own.

The terrible two’s everyone calls it.  From now on I think the terrible two’s is a not an appropriate phrase for this stage.  I know my son is one of the sweetest and most snuggly boys around, not to mention a real joker.  Testing twos is what I am calling this stage.  He is testing his limits with everyone and exploring just how far he can push.  He is also testing my patience, I used to think they were limitless.  Thank goodness for sleep at night so I can recharge and try to start a new day.

Did I mention that we are also beginning the why and what stage.  For those of you who have not experienced this, you are in for a real treat.  I love for my kids to learn and think it is especially important to learn by asking questions.  But at two he is asking why just for the heck of it.  Or if he is curious or I am not talking him to him he needs to ask what, because he needs to be involved in every conversation.

Everything that I thought I knew about discipline and communication is taken to a whole new level with child number two.  Every child is so different and they take a really different approach on how you deal with issues.  I have yet to find one that works well, so again my patience are being tested as I try new methods.   Mr.Picky’s mother tells me, “he is just like his father”.  All I can hope for is that this will pass and look forward to him becoming as great of man as his father.


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