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I am Christa, a stay at home mother and wife. I am writing this blog as a hobby, so bear with me. My passions include food (both eating and cooking), keeping a clean home, and raising my children. I dabbled in culinary school years ago but soon realized I was bored and enjoyed being self-taught. Having grown up in the kitchen alongside my mother and grandmother I learned most of what I know today from them. I learned to show my love with the food I cook, and spend most of my time in the kitchen.

My husband and I started dating more than 10 years ago, at which time I found out he was one of the most picky eaters I have ever known. His own sisters say, “I would hate to have to cook for him”.  Creating new recipes and remaking the old, is an adventures with food that is both a challenge and a success. I have turned my fast food or junk food boyfriend, into someone who for the most part will try anything once.

If it is a success then I keep the recipe, if not I tweak it until he will eat it. Growing up in a home where we ate wholesome food, that was cooked by scratch was a battle with my husband. He wanted only instant boxed potatoes, pre-made freezer food, and one of his favorite things were cheeseburgers from gas stations(gross).  I will cut him some slack because he was a teenage boy when I met him which we all know have hollow legs. Mr.Picky has realized over time how important eating healthy is.  Passing on a picky habit to our children was not something I would tolerate. Through variety and experimenting with different recipes, my family eats a balanced diet daily.

I have always eaten moderately healthy.  In the last two years, after the birth of my son I decided I needed to spend a little more time on me and challenged myself to become healthier.  Although I ate healthy I wasn’t getting any regular exercise.   Don’t get me wrong I would walk, and occasionally go for a bike ride.  But after baby number two, I felt like I needed more.

So for the last 2 years, I have dedicated 30 minutes of my day to some form of exercise in addition to regular walks.  Over 50 pounds later, and going from a size 12 to a size 6 I feel great!  I do love to bake, and try to find healthier ways to do so without compromising or giving up any flavor.  Everything is great in moderation, and I would rather have a little bit of something great than a lot of something that tastes like cardboard.  My picky husband has seen my transformation and had decided he is going to try to eat more fruits and vegetables, for the first time ever.  I am happy to be at this stage in my life, and even happier to do so with my husband to set an example for our children.

Though there is no such thing as perfection, I have heard from many that I try to be. I strive to be the best mother I can be, raising my children is important to me. My husband works hard away from home while I work hard to keep our daily lives functioning. Keeping my children busy and learning is important, for my sanity and theirs. Although we spend the majority time at home, since they are not of school age yet can be interesting to say the least. We may have a small home but I like to keep things simple, clean, and organized.

This blog is going to help me share some of my stories, recipes, and ideas with all.  I am not claiming all ideas of my own, if it is something that I found on someone else’s blog or a different website I will give credit where it is due.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and go on this adventure with me.  Feel free to follow Feeding Mr.Picky on Pinterest and Facebook, and comment and ask questions as needed.  My favorite part of sharing my ideas is hearing how it turned out, and variations.

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  1. This site is perfect – I have a picky eater (although he’s 9 now he’ll be the same in 30 years I know it!)

    • My husband grew up in a home that excepted anyone who wanted to be picky. I grew up in a home where we ate what was in front of us or didn’t eat, eventually because there was only a few things I really didn’t like (Seafood) I was allowed a PB&J sandwich. At 19 years old I had to teach my husband we eat as a family whatever is served. It has been a long process, but he is really enjoying the benefits.

  2. wow! Congratulations on exercising down to a size 6! Fun to find your blog with such usable recipes. thanks.

    • Thank you so much, and thanks for checking me out. I like to make recipes for the most part that are at any skill level. Or that allow freedom to change what you want.

  3. So glad I finally sat down and found you. Love it. Keep up the great work.


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