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Is it Bedtime yet?

Bedtime has just not been coming early enough.  With the weather changing life has become a little more rough.
We are adjusting to spending more time inside and a new schedule because my daughter started kindergarten this year.  The first few days of truly bad weather that has kept us in which has been challenging.

We busted out play dough, a movie, and water time in the sink.  It is time to pull some different ideas out for my special boy.
With only a few weeks into the school routine life has not caught up to it.  By the time my daughter is off to school I have time to get a workout and shower in.  Then it is too late to do anything because she only goes half days.  Then it’s lunch and nap and the whole day feels shot.

I feel the urge to wake up even earlier and exercise and shower.  But I have a hard enough time getting up as it is.
To anyone else out there who has never been a stay at home mother it is a lot harder than you think.  There is no me time and we don’t leave our kids very often. Whoever said you get to sit around and eat bon bons must be rich.  They would have to hire a chef, a maid, and  nanny to do my job.

Terrible Twos are now called Testing Twos!

What happens when one of those days is everyday?  We are counting down to less than a week away from my son turning two.  About a three weeks ago his attitude and stubbornness has really changed.  I know it is a phase but this is one heck of a stage.  The crying and whining is enough to put any parent into a crying sobbing mess of their own.

The terrible two’s everyone calls it.  From now on I think the terrible two’s is a not an appropriate phrase for this stage.  I know my son is one of the sweetest and most snuggly boys around, not to mention a real joker.  Testing twos is what I am calling this stage.  He is testing his limits with everyone and exploring just how far he can push.  He is also testing my patience, I used to think they were limitless.  Thank goodness for sleep at night so I can recharge and try to start a new day.

Did I mention that we are also beginning the why and what stage.  For those of you who have not experienced this, you are in for a real treat.  I love for my kids to learn and think it is especially important to learn by asking questions.  But at two he is asking why just for the heck of it.  Or if he is curious or I am not talking him to him he needs to ask what, because he needs to be involved in every conversation.

Everything that I thought I knew about discipline and communication is taken to a whole new level with child number two.  Every child is so different and they take a really different approach on how you deal with issues.  I have yet to find one that works well, so again my patience are being tested as I try new methods.   Mr.Picky’s mother tells me, “he is just like his father”.  All I can hope for is that this will pass and look forward to him becoming as great of man as his father.

My 5-year-old is a Foodie!

My daughter was playing kitchen and restaurant the other day, something I did often as a child.  She wanted to make a menu so she got out a notepad and pen.  Although we are learning to read, she can write well if give the correct order of letters.

With no help from me she came up with this menu including chicken, red peppers, anchovy, salt, and pepper.  I hope her palate develops as much as her creativity, she has definitely grown up in the house of foodies.  Not only do all the ingredients actually make sense but could really create something special.  I am so proud of my girl!

Child Foodie

Painter Tape Roads

So we had started operation potty training and I needed an activity to keep us on the kitchen floor.  I had made the kids roads before but nothing so elaborate.  I got out a roll of painters masking tape, it will easily come off the floor when done.  The bright blue tape made it extra fun.  We found a box in the recycle that we cut to make a tunnel and don’t forget a ramp.

Expecting my 21 month old son to play hard with all his trucks and cars was a no brainer.  What surprised me was my almost 5-year-old daughter who begged to leave it for one more day.  She did get out some mini princesses to go along with the fun, but she spent the whole day in the kitchen.

Tape Roads

This was a little tape well wasted.  The kids had a blast and it kept everyone on the kitchen floor.  After many attempts my son finally got it and has been staying dry for the most part.  Even keeping dry at night, what an accomplishment.

Grab a roll of tape and have some fun.

Pretend Cooking with Real Food

Pretend Cooking with real foodMy mother-in-law was cleaning out her pantry and had a lot of expired food she didn’t want.  I boxed them up and took them home, but not to eat.  I grabbed a muffin tin and filled each cup with different foods.  Put an old sheet on the floor and let the kids loose.  I gave them each a little pitcher of water and some utensils.  They played for at least an hour before the 18 month old (at the time) started getting bored.  I dumped the food as their mixing bowls became full, and let them create more.

Pretend Cooking with Real Food:Pretend Cooking with Real Food

  • seasoning packets
  • flour
  • sugar
  • sprinkles
  • croutons
  • beans
  • noodles

Use what you have or can spare, it doesn’t take much to fill up a muffin tin.  Make sure you provide lots of different measuring spoons, bowls, pans, pitchers, and whisks.  Have fun and get a little dirty!

Lid Tossing

This just might sound silly to post but we had a lot of fun, and it entertained my children for a while.  I am sure just about everyone can find these things in their homes, so why not have some fun?

Lid Tossing

  • Lids to plastic containers or cups (such as yogurt and sour cream lids)
  • Anything you can make a circle or target with (we used my exercise band and a hula hoop, but rope or tape would work as well)

I laid the targets out and we stood back at a distance and tried to throw our lids into the targets.  I know simple common sense, but I had never done this before with the kids.  Cleaning out my cupboards I told the kids they could play with the extra lids.  They started throwing them like frisbees, and I thought why not make a target.

My 18 month old liked the idea that you can put the lids in or out of the circle.   My 4-year-old was trying so hard to fine tune her aim.  They are learning all the time, even when they think they are playing.  Teaching them inside, outside, close and far is now a concept that can be fun.

Cardboard Ramps and Roads

Don’t Forget the Simple Things . . . .

Cardboard Ramps and Roads

If you follow my blog you probably know by now that I have a 4-year-old daughter and a 18 month of son.  Both are busy and can be a handful at times.  I try to help them use their imaginations to build different things or create to make some new entertainment.  In the great northwest we get a lot of rain, and a rainy day usually means playing inside our tiny house all day.  Daddy works out-of-town for half the week, so it’s just me and them.  One day I was cleaning out my pantry and was putting a bunch of cereal and cracker boxes in the recycling.  So instead of tossing all that cardboard, I helped them make some ramps and roads.  We have lots of little people and cars, and the kids spent hours playing with these ramps.  Sit down and help your kids create!

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