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Table bubbles

This is a repost from last year.  One this rainy day this seemed like just that activity to try again.  This time it was much more fun for my now 5-year-old and 2-year-old.  What a simple activity on a rainy day.

Table Bubbles

We had so much fun making table bubbles.  Not only did my 4-year-old have a blast but my 17-year-old nephew and husband played for at least an hour.  My 18 old month son didn’t care for it so much, as it was hard to blow the bubbles.  But he was more than willing to pop them as you blew them.

Table Bubbles

All that you need is:Table Bubbles

  • 1 med. size bowl
  • 1 dish rag or wash cloth
  • 1/2 cup of dish soap
  • 1/2 cup (or so) of water
  • some drinking straw
  • a table

I mixed the water and dish soap in a bowl with my dish rag.  You then wet the table with the dish rag, make sure you cover any area you are going to blow bubbles on with soapy water.  Next dip the end of the straw into the soapy bowl of water.  Using the soapy end of the straw place it on the wet table and blow away.

Table Bubbles

We were able to blow some huge bubbles.  Next thing you knew my daughter figured out that if you blew a bubble and dipped your straw again, you could go back inside the bubble without it popping.  Have fun and don’t put the wrong end of the straw in your mouth!

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Car Pillow

When my daughter moved from a car seat to a booster seat she was happy but soon realized that it wasn’t cracked up to be all she thought.  She no longer takes naps and only will fall asleep in the car.  The side of her car seat was where she leaned her head to sleep.  After trying many different style neck pillows but nothing seemed to work, and she was one unhappy camper when she woke up with a sore neck.  This car pillow seems to work better than any I have bought.

I then came across Seat Belt Travel Pillow-Pineapple Mama, with instructions to sew my own car pillow.  I am not one to sew, and was lucky that it was on a basic level.  Personally I think my pillow turned out pretty good for my skill level.  I need to pass this link and idea on to anyone with a similar problem.  The pillow really worked for us and cost little to make.  Thank you Pineapple Mama.

Car Pillow

My 5-year-old is a Foodie!

My daughter was playing kitchen and restaurant the other day, something I did often as a child.  She wanted to make a menu so she got out a notepad and pen.  Although we are learning to read, she can write well if give the correct order of letters.

With no help from me she came up with this menu including chicken, red peppers, anchovy, salt, and pepper.  I hope her palate develops as much as her creativity, she has definitely grown up in the house of foodies.  Not only do all the ingredients actually make sense but could really create something special.  I am so proud of my girl!

Child Foodie

Frog Baby Shower Cake

Frog Baby Shower Cake

Frog Baby Shower Cake

This is one of the first cakes I did for people other than family.  Well it was for my sister’s baby shower, but there was going to be people I didn’t know.  I know how to bake and make things taste great, I am just working on the looking good part.  There wasn’t a theme for the shower, knowing my sister she loves frogs.  I set out to make a welcoming frog cake.

Chartreuse and Teal Baby Shower

Baby ShowerMy mother in-law and best friend threw me a baby shower for my second child.  We didn’t know what we were having so the colors needed to be neutral.  With some pop of Chartreuse green and teal the shower was amazing.  Everyone worked together to make my day special.

I came across the photos and needed to share them.  My wonderful sister in-law made some delectable lemon cupcakes.  My father in-law came up with a cupcake stand.  The price for one was ridiculous and we knew he could do it.  It was a wonderful centerpiece and could be made in any color.

Homemade Cupcake Stand

The cake stand was made out of cardboard covered in scrapbook paper.  The dividers for the tiers were pop can, no joke.  He painted them and used color tape to decorate them.  Top it off with some ribbon and we had ourselves the best cup cake stand we could dream of.

Thanks for this memory and I hope this inspires everyone to get creative.

Pretend Cooking with Real Food

Pretend Cooking with real foodMy mother-in-law was cleaning out her pantry and had a lot of expired food she didn’t want.  I boxed them up and took them home, but not to eat.  I grabbed a muffin tin and filled each cup with different foods.  Put an old sheet on the floor and let the kids loose.  I gave them each a little pitcher of water and some utensils.  They played for at least an hour before the 18 month old (at the time) started getting bored.  I dumped the food as their mixing bowls became full, and let them create more.

Pretend Cooking with Real Food:Pretend Cooking with Real Food

  • seasoning packets
  • flour
  • sugar
  • sprinkles
  • croutons
  • beans
  • noodles

Use what you have or can spare, it doesn’t take much to fill up a muffin tin.  Make sure you provide lots of different measuring spoons, bowls, pans, pitchers, and whisks.  Have fun and get a little dirty!

Lid Tossing

This just might sound silly to post but we had a lot of fun, and it entertained my children for a while.  I am sure just about everyone can find these things in their homes, so why not have some fun?

Lid Tossing

  • Lids to plastic containers or cups (such as yogurt and sour cream lids)
  • Anything you can make a circle or target with (we used my exercise band and a hula hoop, but rope or tape would work as well)

I laid the targets out and we stood back at a distance and tried to throw our lids into the targets.  I know simple common sense, but I had never done this before with the kids.  Cleaning out my cupboards I told the kids they could play with the extra lids.  They started throwing them like frisbees, and I thought why not make a target.

My 18 month old liked the idea that you can put the lids in or out of the circle.   My 4-year-old was trying so hard to fine tune her aim.  They are learning all the time, even when they think they are playing.  Teaching them inside, outside, close and far is now a concept that can be fun.

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