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Car Pillow

When my daughter moved from a car seat to a booster seat she was happy but soon realized that it wasn’t cracked up to be all she thought.  She no longer takes naps and only will fall asleep in the car.  The side of her car seat was where she leaned her head to sleep.  After trying many different style neck pillows but nothing seemed to work, and she was one unhappy camper when she woke up with a sore neck.  This car pillow seems to work better than any I have bought.

I then came across Seat Belt Travel Pillow-Pineapple Mama, with instructions to sew my own car pillow.  I am not one to sew, and was lucky that it was on a basic level.  Personally I think my pillow turned out pretty good for my skill level.  I need to pass this link and idea on to anyone with a similar problem.  The pillow really worked for us and cost little to make.  Thank you Pineapple Mama.

Car Pillow

Recovering A Card Table

Recovering a Card Table BEFORE

Who doesn’t need a project?  I love projects and I like to finish them quickly even better.  I found this well used miniature card table and chairs for the kids at a garage sale.  It was  perfect size for my oldest and could be used for so many things.  It was rather ugly though and the vinyl was sun bleached, but for $2 it was a bargain.

The spray paint I picked was not the cheapest but will last forever and it gave my table the look I was going for.  Plus the hammered paint look, hid any imperfections.  Marine vinyl is not cheap, it was about $18 a yard.  I found a coupon for a local craft store and got the vinyl half off.  All and all this table cost me about $16 dollars and a few hours of my time.Recovering a Table AFTER

I thought about covering the table in oil cloth which was cheaper but would not last as long.  I was going for durability and washable.  Plus if I would have to cover it again it wouldn’t be cheaper in the long run.

Recovering a Card Table:

  • I used a Rustoleum spray paint, in  a hammered gray metal (one can did this small table and chairs perfectly)
  • About on 1 yard of marine vinyl (I didn’t use all of this and the amount would depend on the size of table)
  • Staple gun and 1/4″ staples
  • Screw driver


Simply unscrewed all the screw that attached the vinyl covered pieces from the metal frame on both the table and chairs.

Chair beforeThe existing vinyl was dirty but otherwise in good condition.  I washed it all off and allowed it to dry before just covering over it.

Measure and cut vinyl to the size of table and chair pads plus with 2″ edge.

Next using 1/4″ staples in an electric staple gun, I stretched the vinyl tightly and stapled my heart out.  Be sure to keep screw holes uncovered or punch through them with a screw driver so you can reattach.

Spray paint all metal frames, I did two coats drying a day in between.  Then I allowed it to dry more than a day before attaching the pads and table top back on.

Simply attach the freshly covered pads and table top back to the frame.  Longer screws were required because of the added vinyl, but only in some places.Recovering a Card Table



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