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Hope you enjoyed following along!

I am sorry for the lack of posts the last few months.  My life has changed from a quiet stay at home mother, to a busy stay at home mother.  With our new house, one child in school now, and a very very busy toddler it never ends.  I no longer have time to share awesome recipes but will continue to cook.  Please feel free to follow me on pinterest or facebook to keep up with what I am cooking.  You all should be able to access my recipes still, if I do this right!

Is it Bedtime yet?

Bedtime has just not been coming early enough.  With the weather changing life has become a little more rough.
We are adjusting to spending more time inside and a new schedule because my daughter started kindergarten this year.  The first few days of truly bad weather that has kept us in which has been challenging.

We busted out play dough, a movie, and water time in the sink.  It is time to pull some different ideas out for my special boy.
With only a few weeks into the school routine life has not caught up to it.  By the time my daughter is off to school I have time to get a workout and shower in.  Then it is too late to do anything because she only goes half days.  Then it’s lunch and nap and the whole day feels shot.

I feel the urge to wake up even earlier and exercise and shower.  But I have a hard enough time getting up as it is.
To anyone else out there who has never been a stay at home mother it is a lot harder than you think.  There is no me time and we don’t leave our kids very often. Whoever said you get to sit around and eat bon bons must be rich.  They would have to hire a chef, a maid, and  nanny to do my job.

What do I do all day?

Mr.Picky is out-of-town 3 1/2 days a week, every week.  Not the most ideal schedule but it works for us.  This means that I am left with our two children alone for that period.  Not that I am complaining, I love my children.  When Mr.Picky comes home we treat it as a weekend, and usually have a lot of family time.

I often wonder what Mr.Picky thinks I do all day?  I am not a stay at home mom who sits around, in general I am a get it-done kind of person.  I enjoy keeping our house clean, the kids active and thinking, and cooking.  Although it is not as fun to cook when he is not home, because I just make way too much food.

Routine is everything to me, and the other day I realised that my children appreciate this routine.  Some may think it is bad, but it works for us.  Don’t get me wrong we can be spontaneous as well.  I love to wake up and say we are going somewhere new today.  In general we go through the same routine daily while dad is gone.  When he is home we might stray but not too far from any other day.

First thing when we wake up it is “first breakfast” they call it, usually dry cereal or banana followed by a bit of cartoons.  By this time I am able to make some coffee and fuel my body with caffeine   I start some laundry because if you just do a load or to a day life is just easier.  Next the animals are waiting for their breakfast.   We have a Nigerian Dwarf goat named Finley and a male cat name Mia (we thought he was a female as a kitten and the name stuck).  Before I know it, it is time for “second breakfast” which is required to be hot.  This varies from oatmeal, to scrambled eggs and toast.

At this point I check the computer for anything that is important before bathing and dressing the children.  If I am lucky at this point they will be playing together nicely and I will get my workout in.  If my 20-month old decides it is an adventure kind of day, well then I guess my workout is going to wait until nap time.

I try to pick one deep clean area a day in my tiny home, and work on that before I shower.  Floors are my cleaning habit if that is what you want to call it.  I sweep multiple times a day and sometimes vacuum twice depending on the toddler.  Other than that my general rule is if you see something out, put it away right then.  And for everyone’s sake clean up after yourself, you get it out pick it up or wipe up your mess.  I know Mr.Picky gets a little crazy with me sometimes but it is better than living in filth.

Dishes are probably my favorite thing to do, which is good because I cook a lot.  I spend most of my day looking out the kitchen window with my hands in the sink.  Some wonderful flowers and birds eating from the feeder give me something to look at.  I keep our dishwasher empty all the time and load the plates and cups as used.  Not a big fan of washing anything but that in the dishwasher; everything else is done by hand.

Cleaning the shower is my most hated task, which just will never magically get done.  Sometimes the tough things make you stronger.

After the chores are done, well it would be time to eat again.  We will have a snack and play a bit.  Followed by lunch and nap time.  Nap time allows me a little peace and quiet to regain my composure.  Although it also gives my daughter and I some alone bonding time, seeing how she no longer naps.

Once everyone is awake and happy, we usually will try to go outside depending on weather.  But seeing how we live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains 75% of the time we have lots of back up plans.  Our local library is something we take full advantage of.

Home again or inside it is time to prepare dinner, and sit down at the table as a family.  This is so important to me, and rarely changes.  Then it is time for some pajamas and story time.  I am lucky enough to say my kids go to bed early in order to get a full nights sleep.

Now mommy time begins.  I take the rest of the night to finish any projects needing finishing, read a book, blog or watch a favorite show.  Now I know this doesn’t cover my whole day but you get the idea, my day never ends.  At some point not too long after the children fall asleep  I crawl into bed because I can no longer stay awake.

This is what I do all day, and now Mr.Picky you know.  We work hard in different ways but working for the same goal.  Our family functioning and development is depending on us.  Thank you for being the best partner that one could have.

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